Willpath API Policies

Last Revision: 2/16/2012


The Willpath API was created to help people better understand, share and improve their every day health choices.

All Willpath API applications and developers are required to comply with these Policies as well as the general terms and conditions of the Willpath system.

In using the Willpath API, you are agreeing to abide by these policies and terms.


I. Storing and Using Data from the Willpath API
  • Willpath retains the exclusive right to all data in the Willpath databases
  • You will request only data that you need to complete the fuctions of your application
  • You may cache data recieved to the Willpath API, but you should try to keep this information up-to-date
  • Data from the Willpath API cannot be shared or transferred to any 3rd party
  • You will access data only from users who have given express consent to sharing their data with the Willpath API
  • You will not sell or rent data obtained from the Willpath API
  • Data from the Willpath API cannot be used outside of your application
II. Authorization
  • You cannot share your Willpath API application username or password with anyone outside of your application
  • You may not transfer your authorization credentials to any 3rd party or allow access to them via your application
III. Rate Limitations
  • At Willpath, we ask that you abide by rate limiting to improve availability/performance for all our developers
  • Not abiding by these limits can result in removal of your application and other penalties
    • Where n = the number of available People with appropriate access, do not exceed the greater of 100 or (n * 2)+1 calls per developer account per hour
    • Cron jobs (which may include multiple calls as noted above) should not set them to be run more-frequently than 1x per hour per developer account
IV. Legal Compliance
  • You are responsible for all content that exists within your application, incuding photos, text, video and recordings
  • Gambling applications using Willpath API applications is prohibited
  • Illegal activities such as pyramid schemes, sweepstakes and chain letters is prohibited
  • Any content that is considered offensive, threatening, defamatory or pornographic is prohibited
V. Principles
  • All application developers will comply with the following principles of the Willpath API
    • Create exciting and engaging applications which encourage healthy behaviors
    • Explore data to give users a better understanding of their health status
    • Respect user privacy
    • Exclude SPAM or other annoying functionality
    • Do not mislead or confuse users
VI. User Privacy & Terms