/api/v1/people/{person.uuid}/observations/fitbit_summaries.jsonList all fitbit summaries for person (given the person's uuid) (collection) x x x

GET /api/v1/people/{person.uuid}/observations/fitbit_summaries.json
List all fitbit summaries for person (given the person's uuid) (collection)

curl -u username:password

Response Attributes:
uuid The unique identifier of the summary
confirmed  A flag set to true only when data for the current day is complete and when at least some use of the device was registered during the day.
obs_time The date/time of the actual exercise or activity
steps The number of steps recorded during the entire day
distance_cm The distance (in centimeters) recorded by the device during the entire day
experience_credits_for_self The total number of Willpath Experience credits earned for doing this activity. Note that experience credits are only earned for exercise after a person has registered with Willpath. No points are given for exercise before the user signed up for Willpath.
reward_credits_for_self Same as above, except for just reward credits -- which are only earned via sponsorship and are redeemable for charity and  rewards/gifts.
marginal_calories The approximated number of calories earned above one's baseline calorie burn.
daily_calories The approximated number of calories burned for the entire day.
sedentary_mins The number of minutes spent in a sedentary state during the entire day.
light_mins The number of minutes spent in a light-activity state during the entire day.
fair_mins The number of minutes spent in a fair-activity state during the entire day.
very_mins The number of minutes spent in a heavy-activity state during the entire day.
author.uuid The uuid of the Person for this entry
person.uuid  Same as above
updated_at The data/time the record in Willpath last experienced updates.
created_at The date/time the record was first created in Willpath

Optional Request Parameters:
updated_since  Include this to only retrieve new updates since your last synchronization. You should use this to synchronize only the latest changes.
example: /api/v1/people/f42b4e54-7972-408c-b9c5-dce4117734a2/observations/fitbit_summaries.json?&updated_since=2012-02-10T03:30:11Z

Response Example: