Getting Started

What is Willpath?

Willpath is a accountability platform that allows users to build a path towards a better body and healthier lifestyle. It quantifies the health choices that people make every day and then determines how valuable those choices were in relation to evidence-based guidelines for a healthy lifestyle. The better a users choices, the further they advance in Willpath and the more they are rewarded.

What is the Willpath API?

The Willpath API is our way of allowing developers to create their own applications with the data that has been created and aggregated on the Willpath platform. Not only do developers obtain access to the health and fitness data that our users have created, but they also have access to the Willpath credit system which shows how much that data matters in terms of the users actual health status.

Registration & Authorization

The Willpath API is currently only avaliable to developers who have partnered with Willpath. If you would like to become a Willpath developer, please email

Who controls access to the user's data?

Willpath was designed as a user-centric platform which allows full control of the sharing of data by the end user themselves. This is very different from most health platforms where the physician or health care system controls access to data. For the Willpath API v1.0 the user must approve that their "data be donated to science" in order for the developer to have access to that data.

How do I get access to user's data?

Currently, the only people that the Willpath API allows access to are those that have opted in to the sharing of their personal data. This is done on when a user chooses in their privacy settings that they are willing to donate their data. You can see how this appears in the image below.

What if I have questions about the API?

No problem. We'll try to help. Simply check out our developer forum and ask your question. We'll try to get to it as soon as possible.